Danielle Ryder (mousepoo) wrote in add_me,
Danielle Ryder

Hello everyone!
My name is Danielle. a.k.a Dani.
I am 25 years young. I currently reside in Newport News, VA. I am in the Navy, and I have a little less than 2 years of service left... then I can be free to be me! I plan getting two things as soon as I get out: dreadlocks and a fat sack.
I love life. I love going on adventures. I love observing everything about this life that I can. I take lots of pictures. I paint and draw. I keep art journals, though I call them "Bookies".
Huge Charles Bukowski fan.
I am weird.
My weakness is ice cream.

I like to think that I have a great sense of humor, though at times it can be mean. I speak my mind like a child, without censoring anything. I realize that this makes me seem crazy. I might actually be crazy, I dunno. Not bragging about it like some people do... I hope I haven't inherited any craziness from my family.

My Livejournal is full of all kinds of different things. I don't have many diary type entries. I mostly post pictures I take, my art and poetry. Funny videos I record. I like pulling pranks on my husband, we are goofballs. I like challenging myself artistically, and my livejournal is where I express myself while doing so. I don't post things everyday, it's more like once or twice a week. But, I've been using LJ since I was 14... and it's a habit I can't break. I'm looking for people who are and will also be long time LJ users. Not looking for a fanbase, because I do this to document my life more than connect with people... but I do like to make snail-mail pen-pals out of the friends I really like on here.

Here's some pictures and random things for you to get a feel of my journal:


Me and Pauly Shore, buuudy...:


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