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jennah, 21, venice flawduh. former heartbreaker, current stay-at-home mom, girlfriend to my best friend of 7 years, organizational guru and neat freak. i hate politics (politics is another word for corruption and conspiracy), liars and sluts. i'm jittery, jumpy, possibly a little paranoid but i'm fun. i'm big into family, conspiracies, wild sh!t, books and sleep. i'm a very nice person but i can't stand stupid people and bs. i have very few adding "restrictions" but they're very important; nobody under 18, no drug users/alkies, only english-speaking journals, no new or recently made journals, no super judgemental people and no generally immoral douches. i'm an unmarried, though committed, mother with a dark and dirty past and crappy circumstances but i'm not interested in chicks who are fond of getting abortions, crackheads, moms who pawn their kids off to slut off or party, and people who generally suck at life. but if you're not any of that, then add me and let me know you did on my add post. :)

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