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greetings and salutations, users of add_me *waves*

the name's Shelley. I'm a twenty year-old Coloradan, living with my boyfriend, and my parents (I spend time at both his apartment, and my family home).

my friend, themusicliveson, suggested that I check your community out, as I've been complaining that my flist has been seeming to be too busy to comment on my journal. so, if you want to friends, please be an active poster.

I run ninthspark as a mega-blog: everything that I'm interested in, and everything I do, is posted there. most times entries contain a few pictures and words about my day, but here and there you'll find graphics, downloads, reviews, and fan fiction. if you have a problem with lots of posts I guess we can't be friends :( multiple communities for anything that isn't real life related get kind of hard to handle, y'know?

now don't think I'm not going to tell you anything about me or my interests ;D haha. I enjoy smoking marijuana (if you're anti-drug I don't think you'd like being my friend :/), expanding my iTunes library, watching TONS of television, reading mystery novels, snapping photos, relaxing via my favorite movies, stargazing, making graphics with Paint Shop Pro when creativity strikes, going on road trips, and, of course, blogging :)

a few of my favorite things are the color purple, a deep dish pepperoni and pineapple pizza from Old Chicago, coffee with flavored creamer (such as Coffee Mate's pumpkin spice), penguins, summertime, Halloween, alternative rock, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, Ginger Snaps, The Soup, and Conan O'Brien

things don't make a person. to describe myself in a few words, I'm a nerd queen extraordinaire, who's a ray of sunshine and a sparkplug. I'm a little narcissistic, but I'll probably love the hell out of you ;D I like to see myself as having a way with words, a sharp wit about me, I live my life laughing as much as I can, and, for the most part, I try my best to look forward, not back.

well, I think this is a sufficient 'hello thar!' post. if there's anything else you'd like to know before adding me, please comment here, not at ninthspark. please also read my journal's rules before adding me.
I'm a little particular :p

ta-ta for now, all of you here at add_me! :) I hope a few of you will like to be my friend.
also, in case you were wondering, my icon is of myself (until of just recently. wintery!Frank Iero ftw :D)

au revoir!
~ Shelley

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