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I'm Ashley. I’m 22 and suffer from a bad case of pessimism. I’m a mental health/human services major with no clue as to what I want to do after that. Headaches seem to incorporate themselves into my everyday life. An ideal childhood is not how I would describe mine, but I’m grateful for it regardless. I’ve had the pleasure of being in love with one man, Sam, going on 4 years. Despite all of our craziness and our past, I can’t imagine not being with him. I’m in love with minor changes, changing things that don’t matter in the long run but, big, life-changing changes scare me half to death. I have a reputation of ruining videos with my laugh. I can’t live without medium point pens. Marlboro Mediums keep my stress level low. I want the whole she-bang: marriage, kids, a house.. But they definitely don’t need to happen in that order. I can’t wait to settle down. I want to save someone’s life. The past year has probably been one of the worst of my life but I know the future has to be and will be better. I live in Maine and hate the winters but, love the seasonal changes. I have 3 tattoos, 2 of which are Saves the Day tattoos and am planning another. I don’t think I could live without Law and Order (any of them, really.. Especially SVU though). I want to experience something completely amazing. My moods are constantly at war with each other. I know what I want out of this life but, I’m still learning how to get there.

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Sam and I.

Me on the left hand side with my best friends Monica and Lauren.


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