monroe_gurl (monroe_gurl) wrote in add_me,

Hi, I'm Emma.

I'd like to tell you I'm about to turn 20. But my birthday isn't until the summer. 
To be honest, I wish I could tell you i'm turning 21. Sadly, im 19.
I still haven't figured out  the good thing that comes with being this age yet.

I was born and raised in Alabama. I still live there. Think what you want about it but i've never been one for stereotypes.
Unless, you're thinking good things. Then of course it's all true. I'm a full time college student. I just found my way to higher education because I honestly don't have a future plan for myself. My one and only dream is to attend Woodstock. & I missed that by about 41 years. So college is where I went instead. :/

 I live in the on campus apartments with a friend from high school. My boyfriend and I are kind of hippies. I love Grateful Dead and the TV show Cops. Other than that, I dont watch much televison.

Also, if your offended by sex, drugs, and rock n roll, my LJ probably won't be the place for you.

I abandoned this a long time ago, but now I'm back. & Lj isnt fun without any friends, so add me? :)

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