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ohaisup? i'm livvie, i'm young years old. i've been using LJ for quite a while, but dropped it last school year cause i was so busy, and decided i'd just use this as a chance to start fresh.

i'm a dork, plain and simple. i've been raised by computer programmers, and have been round them all my life. i love just opening up one of my old laptops on a rainy day. i love to read and write, especially poems. i used to be an artist, and i'm trying to find that in me again. i'm a free spirit, and a very happy person, even when things are horrible beyond belief. i'm a bit immature, as much as anyone else, pretty socially awkward, and not very good at self introductions..

here's my fandoms. :0

anime: death note, gurren lagann, fullmetal alchemist, fruits basket, code geass, kuroshitsuji, and hellsing. however, i've been into anime for quite some time, and have seen / been in the fandoms of TONS; these are just my current favs. also, i'm not such a fan of manga, it's a pain to read on the computer and i don't really have the money for it. xD

books/poetry/other: william shakespeare's works, william gibson's works (especially idoru), sherlock holmes, the cat who... series, neil gaiman, the watchmen, v for vendetta, lord byron, edgar allen poe. i love reading, i'll pretty much read anything. <3

TV: the good guys, doctor who, torchwood, 30 rock, that 70s show, family guy, the office

music: *EVERYTHING!* i'm huge on musical variety. my favourite artists are food for animals, VNV nation, abney park, modest mouse, MGMT, mt eden dubstep, drake, lil wayne, lykki li, the wombats, radiohead, aesthetic perfection, rage against the machine, dead kennedys, and bob dylan.

in my journal you'll find entries about my life, fandoms, poetry, writing, and art. possibly random clever things i come up with every now and then, too. :D i've always tried to comment as much as i can, be supportive, and in general a good LJ friend. so yeah, if you wanna get to know moi, feel free to add/comment. :0

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