Nadine Heather (secretscripture) wrote in add_me,
Nadine Heather

 A lot of people call me a lot of different things, but I'm actually Nadine-Heather. I'm twenty years old and admittedly only just learning that this sort of means I'm an adult and grown up things need to start happening. I'm in my second of four years at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England studying Criminology & Sociology. 

I've just got back into a relationship with my first love. It's probably important to mention because it's complicated and that means it might well be mentioned in the journal a fair bit.

I like to pride myself on being a very open-minded person. It takes an awful lot for me to judge and I don't express an opinion unless I feel that it's an informed one. I'm usually more curious than anything if there's something that I'm not familiar with in somebody's journal. 

I read a lot of just about anything. I'm always willing to give a book a go, but never afraid to put it down if it's not to my taste. I work two jobs, one of them at Blockbuster, so my life is now spent watching at least a few movies a week to keep myself up to date. It's a pretty cool way of training, so I can't complain. 

My journal is sort of about self-discovery right now. As I mentioned, I'm only just learning that I'm an adult and that means acting like one. I've got a good head on my shoulders, I've just massively failed to use it in 2010 and only now are circumstances showing me that it's not good enough. My journal's about growing up and getting to where I want to be, which I have absolutely no doubt that I can do.

I'm not looking for numbers. I'd rather have a friends list full of people I actually connect with than a huge one full of people who I can't figure out. I'll try to comment but I must admit that sometimes, I suck at it, even though I do read everything. 

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