she smiled like a knife (conjugacy) wrote in add_me,
she smiled like a knife

"All of life's journeys come with meetings, partings, and reunions."

my name's alysa. i'm twenty-one. INTP. procrastinator extraordinaire. i love chocolate, animanga, fantasy novels, and gigs. i lose things easily, enjoy daydreaming a bit too much, suffer from lucid dreams, and can often be found roleplaying in forums or glued to my PSP or some other game system. Somehow i manage to attend classes and go to work. i'm ambitious when i want to be. i hate failing, unless i'm apathetic.

i used to write fanfiction a long time ago, but gave it up once i started college. i love reading it, however, I am always looking for a new RP partner here and there for those rare times I'm not off studying. i'm just a typical young adult i suppose, still in that transition phase~ i pay my own bills and cook my own food! well, sometimes i cook my own food, i enjoy going out to eat with friends at every opportunity. i'm a music dilettante, always looking for new jams or someone to attend a show with. i'm naturally introverted, unless the other person catches my interest on something we mutually can talk about for ages, but i'm definitely that girl that likes to hang out against the wall at parties. i tend to have sporadic 'dry spells' where i lose all technological communication with people (srsly i put my phone on silent and put in a drawer if i must). putting this as a forewarning: RL is a bitch at times, and I answer her call every time.

what i don't like;
- closed-minded people who ditch people, or their interests. seriously, not liking something is fine but it's childish to pick a fight over it.
- excessively emotional clingy people (THEY SCARE ME)
- excessive complainers who mourn about life and why they hate it. an occasional rant is fine, we're human, we need to sometimes, but it's not something i want to read everyday. positive attitudes, or negative, are quite contagious to me.
- people who never update, like, not even once a month.
-people whoring the drama llama (i go online to avoid the drama llama, ty)

humour is my crack. i read philosophical and psychological books for fun. i still read children's books for kicks. i'm restless, i'm neurotic when stressed, and i'm polyamorous. My gf says drippy when i'm in love, and very abrasive when i'm not. i don't take anything seriously (enough) and often need a dropkick in the face in order to do so! i'm very honest.

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