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Ghost town..

I started using my livejournal again and noticed my friends have all disppeared and no longer write in their journals.. :( So I'm gladly open to new friends! :D

Name: Cheyenne
Age: 20 as of next Wednesday! Boo :(
About me: I am a big book worm and spend most of my time reading or when I have the time to with my busy life, lol. I am a crazy horse nut, after my entire life of admiring them since I can remember and always wanting one, I finally have a 2-year-old gelding named Buckwheat and now am searching for my 2nd horse to bring home since my farm is almost horse ready! Pretty exciting! I have 2 rats, 2 dogs and a cat. I am the proud mommy of a 2-year-old princess who is my WORLD! I have an amazing boyfriend and life couldn't be much better minus the small mishaps every now and then. I love makeup and have quite the collection lol. I LOVE dirt biking and own my own bike. :D

And thats all I can think of lol. ♥

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