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kath - sixteen - england
i am: pretentious; overly sarcastic; a bit of a hipster (not the cool sort, though); loyal friend; bit lazy

: writing (mostly little bits and bobs; nothing serious) | reading | music (listening, only. i'm currently trying to learn rudolph the red nosed reindeer on the keyboard with, erm, mixed results) | complaining (in jest!) | socialising | journal-writing | crafty stuff
music: jeff buckley!!!; iron & wine; mumford & sons; florence & the machine; kings of leon; nirvana; the beatles; laura marling; biffy clyro; etc.
tv shows: doctor who; bbc's sherlock; glee (on occasion)
hello. my name's kat and i accept any version of that name possible. seriously, i'm like a dog. i answer to everything! i just rediscovered this old journal and forgot how much i loved this lj thingamabob.

i'm sixteen and from the uk, more specifically england, but don't let that put you off (: i like to think i'm mature for my age. except when i'm hugely immature. yeah. that's pretty much most of the time, actually.

i'm very interested in debate about moral issues, and i'm incredibly open-minded. i'm very into feminism. i'd appreciate it if you kept any bigotry off my journal, please, but whatever you post about on your own is your business. i also love to moan about uk politics, which i'm sure not many of you will get but feel free to moan about your own countries. this is not to say i don't have a sense of humour, i have a great one (mostly!).

in my journal, i suppose i'll mostly talk about tv shows, music (specifically bands i love), books. stuff i'm angry/happy/sad about. my life, i guess. i'll most likely be posting pictures of my art, too, because i'm an exhibitionist like that. it'd be nice to have some arty/writery-type people on here friended! i'll post things i find pretty and quotes that inspire me. i'm regularly (procrastinating) on lj and i often make the effort to comment on others' entries. if you did the same, that'd be peachy. i like meeting new people and random conversations. talk to me. i'm lovely, i promise (: i'm also nosy, i love reading people's lj entries loads, haha.

yeah, i'm pretty much accepting of anyone. as long as we can have a laugh about stupid things and have a chat now and then, who cares about age/gender/whatever?

that's all i have to say, i guess. um. comment or just go right ahead and add me if you like...

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