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Hello! My name is Aly, I'm an 18 year old girl, and while I used Livejournal a bit back in early high school, I started this new account because I needed a fresh start and wanted to make some new friends, and so far I'm enjoying it a lot.

I'd say my journal is 80 percent personal and 20 percent writing, since I've taken up writing again. I write mostly fanfiction, with the occasional original piece. Don't feel obligated to read; you can just ignore that part if you like. I think I'm interesting enough that the 80 percent personal part can make me a worthwhile friend, ;) The only thing is, if you do choose to read, I mainly write slash/yaoi, i.e. romance between two males, and if that bothers you, pleasepleaseplease just refrain from either reading or remarking.

Now, fangirl disclaimer aside, I love making new friends and I check in to Lj every day, unless there's some sort of crisis, obviously. I love reading other peoples' journals to get an idea of what the world outside of Virginia is like! I definitely don't add people just for the sake of a lengthy friends list; I really want to make some real friendships.

I love: reading; writing; candy making; music like The Smiths, The Avett Brothers, The Magnetic Fields, Lightning Bolt, Joanna Newsom; swimming; laughing; historical documentaries; observing drunk people; cooking; anime; oceanography; Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel (seriously, have you seen some of the things that man can put down?)

Aaaaand I'd love to make you my friend soon!

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