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Alexandra Magdalena » 21 » Miami » Single » Cuban-American

» I have several interests and hobbies. I read a lot, I like books more than I like people. I am a writer; Poetry, Short Stories, Plays, Small Quotations, Lyrics, Blogging, Journaling and a hopefully A Future Novel. I also penpal with people all over the world. I have atleast 15+ penpals, and always welcome more! I like to paint, but not a lot of people see my art. I love to shop. I love, love, love thrift stores. I am obsessed with stickers and stationary. My biggest flaw is that I like to put broken things back together, this includes people... mostly the men I date.

» Hopeless romantic, been in love with the same guy for 6+ years. It's complicated, it's funny, it gets messy, but in the end it's a huge chunk of my life for now. Some days I hate him, some days I love him, some days I want to trip him so he hurdles into the concrete face first. But mostly, he's my sunshine. More about him in my entries.

» I have a group of friends, most of whom i've had since the age of 15, they are outrageous, dangerous, reckless, and crazy. Some of them do drugs, some of them are gay, some of them are in the military, and others have too many notches on their bedpost. They are all kind of cooky and weird, and they are all level advanced jigsaw puzzles in themselves. Some of them have psychological/emotional disorders, some of them are just plain weirdos, I love them though. Novelty attracts me, as you can tell. They are my heart, my soul, and my organs and I adore them.

» My family is an insanity. I have over 8 siblings (three different mothers, and all WAY older than me!) My parents are 61, and 74. One of my brothers is a professional baseball player, one of my sisters is a principal. My family functions as a unit, and we all take turns babysitting my grandmother who had two strokes last year. We don't believe in sticking our elderly in a "home" so when my sister wants to go on vacation or otherwise, I stay with my grandmother, plus her nurses. I have a six year old goddaughter who thinks shes a diva! My family is very loving, although very chaotic.

» I have just made all my previous entries private. I want to start fresh and so I will provide a "reference" entry so that you know who/what everything is.


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