indian summer (airsymphony) wrote in add_me,
indian summer


we are:
sun orphans, starry kids, hopeful prayers, scarred arms, broken hearts, red robots, grey clouds, long sleeved hoodies, autumn breaths, memorable desire, empty boxes, old worn out words, melting snowflakes, bare knees, pink flowers, used bicycles, summer shirts, porcelain cakes, front doors, north west, bubble gum, infinite boredom, half filled glasses, rotten bodies, long nasals, blurry photographs, gods dreams, blank books, airplane winds, paper crowns, dirty hands, heart shaped cookies, texture to the blind, wriggling toes, heat eaters, inkless printer, lost knowledge, chocolate chunks, xero copies, silver dew, hurting stomachs, too long nails, everlasting love, woolen mittens, choking hazard, wind lovers.

lets be friends.


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