Kathy (violetblossom) wrote in add_me,

Hi all! My name is Kathy. I'm 21 and a college senior studying journalism & advertising. I live in NC, but I'm hoping to move elsewhere upon graduation. Eee... I don't like to think about graduation too much! Sadly, I only have a semester of college left.

I lead the pretty typical college life. I'm constantly juggling work and play. In addition to school, I intern at a big cosmetics retailer. Whoo free labor, but at least I get lot's of free samples. Anywho, I like to keep busy outside of school and work. I enjoy sushi, wine nights with my girls, tumblr, shopping, baking, attempting to be a health nut (when not baking), movies, guilty pleasure TV shows (Vampire Diaries, Misfits, Glee), and music.

If you're interested in learning more about me feel free to comment & add me! ;]

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