Way to go! (stupid_newbie) wrote in add_me,
Way to go!

Stupid newbie seeks LJ friends for great justice

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah. It seems the more time I spend at work, the more time I have for LiveJournal. I used to have an LJ back in high school (I graduated in 2003, to put things into perspective). I have been back off and on LJ over and over, but it seems all I need is a few friends to keep things lively. :) I am currently 26 years old. I work full time in a technical support position on the night shift. I have my bachelors degree and I'm currently attending graduate school part time. I live in Florida, west of Tampa. I have lived here since 2005.

I like British television (Doctor Who is a favorite, along with several other shows such as Sherlock and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares), just plain Sherlock Holmes (Books, movies, television series...), and online games such as Ragnarok Online. I used to like anime and manga a lot, but I seem to currently be burnt out so I haven't posted on those topics lately. That could change, though. I do RP on LJ as well, but not a whole lot of that makes it onto my personal journal.

I make more periodic, incredibly lengthy posts as opposed to frequent short posts. I also have a tendency to post a lot of images: but any post that contains large images or several images ends up under an LJ cut. When I am not posting, I am reading other posts!

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