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Happy, Cheery, Laughter , Whateverthefuck

HI, I've done this a lot because I'm lame and have no life. Simply that.

I am happy with everyone on my list. Seriously They're amazing people :D 

I would like some happy campers. Or happy blogger, whatever.

Like, I know life is a downer. May wanna kill yourself a time or two
or fucked the wrong person the night before.

But I would like people who just update...and Not about

+Eating disorders
+ Cutting
+ Any bodily harm
+ Depression *

I'm  Bipolar && I use to self harm so this shit is pretty much a trigger & A downer.

I want & bubbles..or anything remotely close.

I don't care if you comment, never comment, I just would like an awesome update here and there to amuse my voyeur tendencies, mmkay?

I'm not that interesting. I post pictures, Memes, Comment you, I DO LJ-Cut because fucking long entries annoy the hell outta me and I'm worthless at I slap everything under an LJ-cut

Other stuff you probably want to know:

I'm 21. I live with my boyfriend.
Oklahoma, Liberal Arts major,
I enjoy Netflix, Video games, & music
Thank you! Please comment or let me know that you added me :) I'm usually good at checking but would like a heads up. That way I don't think you're a creeper. 

Anyways, thanks for reading!

I don't have an age restriction.
Like, if you're weird that I'm older/younger then you don't add me.

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