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Hallo there :)


23, from Australia. I've had a number of eljay accounts, this being the newest and most regularly updated. Currently on the daily! Hurrah!

Stuff wot to know:

I love music more than life (I know that doesn't make sense, but work with me here) - I'm a schizophrenic audiophile, and alternate between genres from song to song. Currently fixated by classic rock [Whitesnake/Elvis/etc. - shutup] and almost anything featuring an acoustic guitar.
I dig film. [Ghost World/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Garden State/My Own Private Idaho/Four Rooms/The Departed/Indiana Jones etc.] - I love Tarantino/Lynch/Van Sant more than most, and I've a penchant for the quirky and peculiar.
I read as much as I can. [Authors: Chuck Palahniuk/HP Lovecraft/Philip K. Dick/Alex Garland/Irvine Welsh/Oscar Wilde/Bret Easton Ellis/Reinaldo Arenas]
A major hobby is photography. So you'll find my entries usually contain images, both mine and not. I'm a fan of aesthetics.
I work in theatre. Self-employed, which usually means much journalage, punctuated by month-long stretches of nothing while I slave away in a big black box with no sunlight. Woo!
I'm a sci-fi nerd. I particularly swoon for Stargate. It makes me happy in the pants.

I'm one of the most open-minded creatures you'll ever meet. And I don't bite much. So feel free to add me. I'm pretty friendly.

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