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hello, English-speakers! :)
I'm Valeria, 18 years old second-year student of Medical University.
but I even don't try to awake your interest in me by these general facts.
the reason I'm here is that I'm looking for foreigners who are interested in communication with people from other countries.
this summer I'm going to pass my exam to receive First Certificate of English in my London School of English (btw, I'm from Donetsk city, Ukraine, if you don't know about this country, Wikipedia to you in a help). it's also boring, but I'm really scared of it and need a lot of practice. so if you're ready to help, if you're patient person, or just if you're able to be patient to a multitude of my mistakes, see below more fascinating part of my "curriculum vitae":
  • I've never had an English pen-friend
  • I'm fond of medicine, study it
  • Greek girl
  • city I would always like to live is London
  • small stature
  • Sagittarius
  • straightforward
  • ambitious
  • guitarist and pianist
  • love poetry, even try to create smth (it was ridiculous)
  • music lover
  • psychology & philosophy are close to me
it's definitely not all about me, but enough for so-called "CV". I'd be happy if I could arouse your interest. Add me, let be LJ-friend and blah-blah-blah :)

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