Swan (swanntastic) wrote in add_me,

I've definitely posted here before and I've made a lot of awesome LJ friends, so I was hoping to meet some more new people!

My name is Swan and I'm a 22 year old student from Canada. I've just finished up my Bachelors degree in Psychology (honours). I'm also an amateur photographer, so I enjoy posting some photos that I've taken (I'm also looking for some good photography communities on LJ, if you have any suggestions).

I definitely enjoy reading entries from my LJ friends! Although I might not comment on all entries on my Friends list, I definitely do make an effort to read each and every one! If you're only looking for comments, I might not be the best person to add, although I try to be comment as much as I can!!

If you want to be LJ friends, please leave a comment on the "friends only" entry in my journal. I usually won't add anyone who doesn't comment there, just because I like to know where you found me from!

I look forward to hearing from you :)


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