It's eleven thirty (itseleventhirty) wrote in add_me,
It's eleven thirty

 So! Hello! I’m an 18 year old girl living in a random place in Europe, I’m in school so that’s … not such a big part of my life as it should be. Heh. Anyways, I spend most of my time either with friends, asleep or on the sofa with my laptop. (At least in the weekdays.)

I recently deleted my old lj, and my old tumblr, so this is my way of starting fresh. I post mostly about random stuff that’s going on in my life, music/movies/art/series I’m currently in love with, a rant every now and then. I might come of as slightly negative at times, but mostly that‘s just my humour. Irony isn‘t always obvious coming trough a screen. I don’t comment religiously, but if I’ve got something to say or if I simply find whatever you posted/wrote great/fabulous/brilliant. J
I would like to “meet” some new people, I do find it interesting to read other people’s journals, blogs or whatever, so yeah, that’s basically it.

Just comment here or at my journal if you’re interested in a new lj-buddy, hehe.


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