Roxanne Infante (sourbiiteroxxy) wrote in add_me,
Roxanne Infante

 Hi my name's Roxy :) 


Basic info about myself: I'm PRETTY AWESOME <3 ha. 
I'm 18. I live in the states. I have short hair.  & it's a burgundy color. 
I work as a Cashier at Walmart. It's lame but it gives me money.
I want to go to college to be a RN but.. It's just not possible in my situation. 
I live with my boyfriend & his family. 
I hate driving. I crashed my jeep & ever since then I just..can't drive. 
My 5 favorite things in this world are: Music, my iPhone, Writing, Reading, & my Chorkie :) 
I update my journal a lot. 
I just want friends who are active & actually talk to me :) 
I've been on LJ since 2003. 
I actually met my boyfriend from LJ. 
I hate being cold & I hate the snow. 

I used to play WoW, will prolly start playing it again soon.. 

I'm addicted to facebook, LJ, & the show Say Yes to the Dress. 
I love talking, & texting. I used to live in Chicago. & my friends are my life. 
I'm an only child & I miss my parents more than anyone in this world. 
My favorite number is 8. 
I want to learn how to have more fun in life instead of being so SERIOUS. 

& if you want to know more you can add me, message me or IM on
AIM:  l0veisworthitt


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