secluded_wolf (secluded_wolf) wrote in add_me,

Getting back in LJ

Hello all!

I was an avid LJer under an old name for awhile until college. Then I got back into it late into college. Now...I am back again. I miss the outlet, the advice, the bonding, the meeting new people.

I'm pretty simple...I don't post anything mind boggling. I just post about my life....whether its my new marriage (since Sept), my job (just graduated w/ a bus admin degree last summer), my hobbies (sports following addict, tv shows, darts, golf, movies), my feelings, my habits, my goals, and who knows whatever. I'm open and no topic is too off base...whether political (or politically incorrect or humor). 

I love to comment and learn about others. I've been told by friends and many LJers I give awesome advice and hold great conversations. :) I'd like to think that's true, but of course, I'm not always the most self-confident individual.

Well...I'll stop my babbling. Please add me if you like..males & females alike....I enjoy the great kinship that females offer :-)

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