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Hello Everyone :)

I recently posted this add awhile back, but there are a few adjustments to it that I would like to make, so here goes it :)

Hello, the name is Katie (a.k.a. Kitty, Kitty Kat, Kat, Miss Muffett, etc.)
I have recently turned 26 this past December. I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I live by myself with a wonderful cat named Boots, who I sometimes talk about in my journal. I am also very close with my family and friends, especially my parents who live nearby me as well. And my parents have a dog named Pepper, who I sometimes talk about as well, and that I adore a lot!
Some basic facts about me:
-works at a major retail chain store as a cashier (been there for over 2 plus years)
-loves animals (I have my own cat, and my parents have a Cairn Terrier who I love to bits as well)
-loves listening to music (all kinds except rap, hip hop, and some mainstream pop/teenybopper music)
-enjoys making the occasional graphic (blinkie, icon, banner, etc.)
-loves reading (I read anything I get my hands on including the Harry Potter and Twilight series, currently in the middle of reading Breaking Dawn)
-loves horseback riding
-loves bowling
-loves writing
-loves blogging
-loves hanging out with friends
-loves watching movies
-and lots more! You have to add me to get to know more about me!

What I am looking for:
-Active friends who enjoy writing entries and commenting when they can
-I don't care if you have issues or not, I am always there for my friends about anything and everything

What You Will Expect from me as a friend:
-always there for you
-will comment when I can or find it in a pertinent issue
-try to cheer you up, unless you don't want it
-will listen to venting or whatever else comes up
-will always read every entry you post no matter how silly it maybe

What I am Not Looking For:
-anybody under the age 0f 21, sorry but I don't feel like I relate to the teenage crowd anymore, and I talk about mature topics sometimes as well
-drama llamas....what I mean by this is someone who brings drama to my journal either through comments they put or bashing my friends about their view points
-someone who doesn't comment on my entries, but claims they will comment
-someone who claims they would like to get to know you, but never has the intentions to
-someone who adds you, then decides 2 weeks later to un-friend you for whatever reason without telling you the reason why (this irks me the most)
-if I am making all the effort of the 'friendship', while you just sit there and twiddle your thumbs doing jack shit
-people who add new friends to their list because they want their friends list to look bigger (I actually want to get to know you as a person, nut a number)

If any of this finds interest to you about me, you may add me at this community or you may add me on my friends only post on my journal :) And if you randomly add me WITHOUT commenting on either one of these posts, I will simply BAN you from my journal, simple? I think so.

Have a great day :)

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