koiels (koiels) wrote in add_me,

hey, i'm kat/katy/kath/whatever-the-heck-you-want. i'm in my teens, but don't let that put you off. i'm pretty s'well. i'm pretty straightforward, will often comment (once i get over initial shyness) and i'm good at giving advice.

i'm just getting into this lj lark, but i generally post about my day, moan about school, go off on rants about tv shows i like (fyi, current obsessions: doctor who, merlin, sherlock, being human, skins) and also post stuff that's interesting to me - but probably not to anyone else.

i'm into quite a number of things, and even if we don't have much in common, i like seeing new things. i like fashion, but mostly looking at pretty blogs/pictures. my own style's quite boring. i like art, a huge deal and frequently talk about how depressed i am that i cannot pursue it further. i like looking at art/craft/diy stuff, too. i like pictures, i'm def. a visual person. i like the tv shows mentioned above, but also casually watch anything on the tv. i don't watch movies. i like ridiculously smooshy romance, just not in real life. i don't post much about my love life, due to an extreme lack of a one :)

i like literary criticism and history (ancient). i also like dinosaurs. i like mythology. i love love love books more than anything on earth, like every kid who doesn't fit in and needs something to find solace in. i like non-fiction books and classics, mostly. i love to write, but often find myself unable to express my thoughts.

if it sounds like we'll get on, just post a comment here or anywhere on my lj and i'll add back. tell me some things about yourself, if you'd like.
p.s. i'm posting again because my f-list's a bit quiet atm. hope that's not breaking some kind of rule :)

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