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Female. 22.

Just returning to lj after having been gone for quite a while. I used it regularly from 2001-2005. Then here and there after that but I really haven't been active for a couple of years. Upon my return most of my friends were either deleted or abandoned. The few that remained became terribly boring so I wiped everyone out and am just starting over. I like to have stuff to read mostly, and I'm usually pretty involved as far as commenting and whatnot goes.

I'm not picky but here's what I'm NOT interested in:
-constant whining/complaining, I really can't stand it when every single post is one negative rant after another. Sure, everyone needs to vent but when all you're doing is complaining about how awful your life is and all the reasons we should feel sorry for you, I'm probably just gonna end up deleting you.
-super ignorance/bigotry. We all have our intolerance and prejudices about one thing or another but pure (and usually blind) hatred of someone based on their race/sex[uality]/handicap/background/religion/belief system/anything out of their control/etc is really not something I can tolerate.
-people who are mean to animals. Cruelty and negligence makes me sick and bothers me almost more than the hatred afore mentioned.
-HUGE, HUGE, MASSIVE posts (text or photos) that are not put under an lj cut. It is really a hassle and just takes up too much space. Especially since I'm usually on my phone it makes it hard to read my friends page. Thanks. :)

Uhhhh. Hmmmmm. What else? Not sure. Here's me:

Feel free to add me, just make sure and leave a comment on my journal. I don't always notice when someone adds me. Good night.


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