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Hi there! My name's Tracy =]
- Criminology/Music Student - applying for graduate /law school; unless I find a job within the next couple of months that'll be my ticket out of further education haha!
- 22 years young
- Sagittarius
- Singer, Dancer, Pianist ( somewhat guitar and drums lol)
- Fear of Driving & Heights
- Enjoys reading, watching movies, documentaries and cartoons ( I have a bunch of favourites in all the mentioned categories so chances are we'll have a few in common )
- I listen to almost everything but love old school music <3
- I love to travel!
- I'm a fitness freak
- Can't get enough FOOD and SLEEP
- I enjoy knitting, sewing & the number ;) LOL
- Photography, Fashion Design
- Open-minded, talkative and optimistic
- HUGE animal lover, and I often feel the need to go up to stray animals and cuddle them!
- I love to cook and bake
- I enjoy being out-doors and I make an attempt to do everything outside - just not when it's cold haha
- I get random cravings for celery
- Sometimes I'm nice to a fault while at other times I can be pretty cold and cut-throat
- Um, I like to wash my hands...a LOT >_<
- I have a stuffed animal toy collection that's been getting a bit out of control now that I've nearly hit the 300 count
- I believe I have HORRIBLE luck
- I have a low tolerance for stupidity
- Favourite colour - PURPLE
- Michael Jackson = awesome
- Facebook gives me social anxiety
- In real life I have ZERO girlfriends, I'm one of the guys but I still expect them to open my doors
- I'm absolutely awful with doing my own hair and makeup so I pride myself on how I good I smell LOL
- I'm not afraid to break out in random song and dance haha
Anything else just ask =]

In my journal you will find me writing about everything that goes on in my life uncensored, critiques of songs or some stuff that I write, memes, pictures or an occasional recipe
Disclaimer: I tend to write LENGTHY entries sometimes and I know it may be difficult to take the time to read everything but a comment here and there would be nice so that we could have some interaction =]. Also, I wasn't too sure what to write to describe myself here so although this entry makes me seem bubbly and upbeat I sometimes write about some really dark and twisted depressing stuff ( so don't be fooled ).

I've been on LJ for over 6 years now, so I'm here to stay and I hope the new friends I make here are too. I keep up with my friends' entries and comment ONLY when I have anything of significance to add or say. Interested in being friends? Comment on this entry, tell me a little about yourself and ADD ME =)

Oh and here's what I look like ~ most recent picture:


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