Napalm Bright (napalmbright) wrote in add_me,
Napalm Bright

Friends ♥

It seems that, lately, livejournal – or my friends list, at least – is a little on the slow side. Which, sucks, because I’m pretty much addicted to lj.

About me: I’m 21, and in a long term relationship with a wonderful woman. We have two dogs who are pretty much out babies- Seeley, a one year old Great Dane, and Jude, a six year old Rotti/Shephard mix. I watch my 5 month old Nephew daily and am constantly spanning my lj with photos. I am working away over the next year to go to Africa for a volunteer project, and to get into University.

What I post about: My relationship
- My dogs
- My nephew, Cameron
- Uni and Africa
- Lots and lots of photos
- X Files related items
- Tea
- Books and films
- Daily life and frustrations
- Knitting

Check out my profile for lots more!

Add me if you think we've anything in common. I love my LifeJournal friends, and read every post on my flist, and comment nearly as often ♥

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