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heellllooo i'm jen & i'm 22 in venice FL. upper class retiree community by day, pill popping junkie hell by night. i'm originally from ny and my husband is orginally from nj (yeswehaveaccents). we're not legally married but plan to be eventually but are in no immediate rush. we have a 3 year old roman who is as crazy as they come. sean my husband and i were best best best friends in high school and casually dating on the side, with a few relationships on both sides between hs and getting together in 07 officially. we're in the process of immigrating to canada this year, and also getting pregnant with PCOS. sean lost his restaurant job back in may of 2010 and i've been a stay at home mom for most of my sons life. i'm mostly disabled from scoliosis and anxiety so working just isn't in the cards with me and i'm okay with that. i worked my ass off as a teenager but ended up disabling me more in the end.

i bake like its my job, i'm an avid reader with over 200 books, a twice over beauty school dropout, mathgeek, streetsmart nerd, not close with "family" other than my husband and son, we live with my brother in a townhouse he bought for all of us to live in, i'm dominican puertorican and nigerian, i miss my piercings (ive had more piercings than you'll have sex partners in your lifetime), i feel most normal when i have my signature pink hair, i'm a very very faithful christian after 21 years of being a hardcore nihilist, former pill addict, very abused childhood, my frustration comes out in belligerence or violence (not to my husband or son.. just people who truly deserve it), i do not take shit and i don't think anybody else should and i'm in a constant legal battle at any given time.

my life is pretty interesting albeit hard but i'm just trying to survive and raise my family.
PS. COMMENT ON MY FRIENDS ONLY ENTRY PUH LEEZ. i don't check whos added me so i'll only know if you comment there. :)

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