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Add Me!

Hey, all my friends call me D. I'm 22 and live in West Chester Ohio.

This isn't my first Livejournal, until just a few days ago I just had this account for personal entries to get things off my chest. Though I'm looking to get active again. That's where you come in!

I'm a Geek who has a habit of jumping between obsessions for Hardcore Hip-hop, and Alternative Rock. Though I'm a firm believer good music is good music. I'm really into Video games (mainly FFXI and Pokemon) and Anime. I'm a huge Firefly fanatic as well as the book series Dune by Frank Herbert. Just looking for anyone who also likes these things, or really just anyone who believes "add friend" is something more than a number on your profile.

Also a big table top gamer, D&D, Magic the Gathering, and classic board games are a drug for me. I'm an escapist so of course these things come natural.

Speaking of drugs, I'm also a firm believer that Marijuana is just an herb. I will respect your opinions if you respect mine, just a friendly warning though. You might have an argument on your hands if you disagree without something to back up a bogus opinion ;D

If you want to talk add away, I'll add anyone who adds me.

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