zapbash (zapbash) wrote in add_me,

Why hello there!

Doing my daily rounds of Livejournal I realised that I wouldn't mind meeting some more 'like-minded' people.

So without further ado, I bring you my pathetic attempt to comprise myself in a small HTML formatting box.

#1 Firstly, my name is 'JD' empathis on the 'D' please. I am 18 and a Sixth Form Student.
#2 I am that of a female creature, this is apparently something in which people over the internet often wonder about due to my style of writing.
#3 I like to speak in somethat of a coherent mannor, typing like you have no brain is never an option. I can't spell and am slightly dyslexic, if you think I meant to type that, then I probably did.
#4 I love art and photography so much it pains me.
#5 Magic and whatnot intruges me.
#6 I am also an avid cult film fan as well as an inexpesive date.
#7 I read more then eat hot meals.5, even if that's all you ever eat.
#8 I don't spend my life typing out angry journal entries on moaning (granted there may be a few, especially during the exam period).

And finally, I add everyone back and will try to comment journal entries as often as I conceivably can.

I will not insert a picture as I frighten children.
Look forward to meeting you!

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