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Happy Wednesday

Hello! I just joined this community and here is a little about me. I posted the following on my own page if you would like to comment there. I used to live for LJ when I was a stay at home mom but since my daughter started Kindergarten (5 years ago) and I started working I haven't kept up. Would like to spend more time here and friends are always nice.

Home alone and able to update! This is for all who know me or don't know me and want to find out a little so future updates won't seem as confusing.

I'm now 32 going on 33. When did that happen? Seriously how can I be in my 30's???

My amazing husband/best friend have been married now for 11 years. We jokingly say we will be together forever only because we are both to lazy to do all that paperwork and to cheap to pay all the bills that would end said marriage.

My daughter is nearly 10 going on 25. I am going to try to not journal write about her a lot because: as life goes she is my world BUT I do need to be my own person and not always just be her mom.

I am completely uninspired at the moment. Feeling as if I am at a personal cross road on where I need to go in life. So much of me wants to do something special while the rest of me is held back by fears and finances from truly exploring a path... any path.

My home. Good but could be better. We currently have too small of a house for too many people and animals. But it is what we can afford and we are lucky to have what we do so for this I am thankful.

Work. I had a job that I really loved and then it changed into something I didn't love. I made good money and had the same work schedule as my daughter but due to all the stress I gave it up. Now I work part time as a bookseller at a large chain book store. Don't love it. The job is o.k. but retail and all the crazy hours that go with it just are not for me. This whole job situation is really causing that personal crossroads to come a few years earlier then I was planning. Hoping to be inspired.

Health. I am so happy with where I am with my size and mind right now. My husband and I have chosen to be healthier together. For years it was only myself desiring to make these changes and needless to say that just didn't work. Since June of 2010 we have been eating right, working out more and reaping all the amazing benefits that those two small changes have made.

Since I don't enjoy reading overly drawn out rambling posts I'll end here and add more about myself in future journal posts.

If you are reading this and think "she sounds interesting and she might find me interesting too" then send me a message or comment here and we can see if we would like to read more.

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