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I haven't done one of these in awhile...

I'm in my mid-20s and currently living in Buffalo NY. I work for a mega multinational and am leading a (fairly) mundane existence.

I'm interested in goth rock, industrial rock/ebm, horror movies and fiction, and fantasy. I'm something of a gamer though I really don't game that often. I watch some anime but I don't really have any fandoms and I don't really have shows that I follow. I can't hold interest in them for a long enough stretch at a time. I read tarot. I have a lot of odd/bizarre/gothy type interests but I try to be fairly down to earth.

I'm obsessed with BPAL. That's one of the areas I babble about the most.

I'm pagan, and openly pagan (though only to a point at work). I'm fairly easy going when it comes to religion, and I do intend on filtering my posts once I remember to set up the filters. I'm really laid back when it comes to filtering posts if you ask me to. I don't care about religious background and discussion as long as it's a live and let live type scenerios- I don't mind being asked about my beliefs, but please respect that they are my beliefs. I generally do the same.

I'm a handspinner, hand knitter, and I write bad fantasy fiction on a side account. It's a hobby/joint project and it's supposed to be bad.

My boyfriend and I have a fairly unconventional relationship but we've been together for just over 3 years. We're working on getting our own place again soon.

I really suck at these things.

My only request is that if you add me:

- you understand that I probably won't comment that often. I work 2nd shift and I read from my phone a lot, and my blackberry makes commenting more trouble than it's worth. I comment when I feel I have something to add to the conversation. While I like comments, I don't expect them and I may not respond back. It's nothing personal, I just tend to forget to do it.

-If you delist me, please don't send me a message. If you send me a message, just keep it to "Hey, I cut you this time." Something as low detail as possible. I check my lists fairly frequently and remove people on my own. I got a really weird email once that made it sounded vaguely like a dear john letter and it made me more uncomfortable to deal with someone telling me I'm boring than just cutting someone from my list.

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