khstar (khstar) wrote in add_me,

Hallo~ YD

My name is khstar YD that's usually the only thing I go by on the internet.
I have a Gaia, youtube, facebook, etc. You name it i probably have YD if I don't have it then I'll probably make one.
My main hobby and hopefully soon to be job is writing. ^^ I love to write all the time and usually I always have ideas. I hope anyone who at least looks on this post will take a quick look at one of the intros I have posted so far.
I love reading of course, and I'm really good at picking books out for people. I'd be a hardcore gamer if I had the money for it *sniff unfortunately though I usually have to wait for all my games and I only have a PS2 and like All the handheld consoles. My favorite game is Kingdom Hearts O.O which probably wasn't hard to figure out but my second favorite (favorite addiction too) is Harvest Moon!!!!
I love music and I listen to everything except rap, heavy metal and screamo type things. If I think it sounds good though I'll have it no matter what YD I go crazy for music cause its addictive and Amazing period O.O YDD
Hmmmmm lessie I can't think of much else YD Oh!! This face -> YD that's my laughing face YDDD yes i know its "supposed" to be XD but i wanted my own. I'm not trying to make it cool or anything like that i just like my YD ^^ I like to make lots of faces like >> ooor >//< ooor -3- tehe
Oh yeah I'm a girl and I'm actually about to turn 18 next month yay! (NOT) >>
OH OH I know!! I'm a HARDcore Disney fan!!! >> How could i forget that?! Yup Yup I LOVE Disney! I know every song and every movie and so on and sooo fooorth! ^^
Yes one more thing to ramble about- I collect pictures from the Internet so if anyone is looking for a certain picture I Have It! ^^ I actually like filled up my entire laptop memory will pictures, music, and stories YDDD So feel free to ask me for anything I'll be glad to help if I can ^^
Bye now!


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