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Let's be friends and be merry.

Hi there my name is Jude; a gal in her early 20's. I collect vintage film cameras and standard typewriters. I ride a yellow vintage cruiser with a basket on the front only during summer days. It's winter here in Toronto and I am out of commission except when I have to go to school or wander the city. Let's be friends :)

Things i like:

Design: I am currently a student studying Graphic Design. I am influenced by art nouveau, plakastjl/de stijl, retro and vintage and also modern design. I'm into typography and love decorative fonts. I'm a fledgling graphic designer but I am struggling with creativity and inspiration at the moment which makes it hard for me to finish and start projects.

Fashion/Style: My style is inspired by the 1900's to 1965. I was always drawn to vintage clothing and antiques. I love swing dresses [think Mad Men style] and pencil skirts and hound tooth patterns and beautiful pretty hats with veils. Or sun hats. I love clothing with patterns. But for the most part, I am a t-shirt skinny jeans kinda girl. My mother teases me that I dress like my grandma.

Music: I love jazz from the 1920's where you can dance the charleston or the lindy hop. I love music from 1940's to 60's that you can shimmy and swing to. (ie: The Chordettes, Buddy Holly, Dion & the Belmonts and of course Elvis). I love Edith Piaf and old french music with accordion. Modern music-wise, I love Beirut, M. Ward, Devendra Banhart, Arcade fire, Brighteyes, Fleetwood foxes. Indie folk, Balkan music etc. It's all over the place. I also love to dance, I can rip up the dance floor if the music is to my liking.

Movies: I like watching Film Noir [those ladies sure look classy] and films from the 30's-60's. What can I say, I am obsessed. I love period pieces especially BBC adaptations of classic novels like Pride & Prejudice, Little Dorrit etc. I also like Wes Anderson films and of course AMELIE! I love Gilby studios... Miyazaki all the way :) I love watching animes that are well done like Paprika and Tekkon kinkreet. Also a lot of foreign films.

Hobbies: You can probably find me sitting on my computer chair most of the time working on photoshop/illustrator/indesign and from time to time looking up info on wikipedia. During the summer I like to take photographs and wander around the woods and go to the island.

This summer I am traveling to The Philippines, Hong Kong & South Korea! :)

Feel free to add me but comment first so I can determine if we are compatible. I tend to write overdrawn posts so yeah sorry bout that. Cheers!

Oh yah I have a flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/icaptureyouframe/
& tumblr account :D odetoyesteryear.tumblr.com

Here's a photo of me:

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