Von Junzt (vonjunzt) wrote in add_me,
Von Junzt

Add me?

I've been on eljay since 2003. Alas, many of my friends are no longer posting, but I refuse to unfriend them in case they ever return! Nevertheless, I'd like to befriend some more frequent posters.

I just turned 32, and am therefore elderly by eljay standards. I'm hopefully nearly done with my Ph.D. in archaeology, and am presently applying for assistant professor jobs all over the country. (If you need one, let me know!)

Beyond archaeology and the Ancient Near East, I'm very interested in religion and occultism. I also read vocaciously, especially books written between about 1920 and 1950, a period I'm very interested in also. I've published a few articles on H. P. Lovecraft.

My journal is mostly open, so please have a look at it, and I'd be happy to friend anyone who finds it interesting and/or amusing.

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