welcome to my soul... (caloriemuncher) wrote in add_me,
welcome to my soul...

i'm your generic college freshman.

but, maybe i'm not the only one, and we can all be generic together. XD

- i'm traci. 18 years old, 19 on april 4.
- i go to UGA in athens, ga- lived in georgia all my life. gotta love the bible belt southern baptist...... *avoids rant*
- i crap out artwork constantly, it's my life, i'm a photographer. PLUG! traci's designs on facebook. haha.
- music interests: paramore, bjork, enya, mindless self indulgence, hollywood undead, kesha, classical (mozart<3), the pretty reckless, deftones
- sometimes a little too opinionated. pardon me. :(
- i like long walks in the park, winter and spring, kittens, knitting, staying up late and waking up late, and, i like to throw it down. XD
- i deliver pizzas for a living, now. :3
- member of amnesty international. very very strong activist for equal rights for everyone. i don't judge. ^.^
- half japanese YEAH
- i don't watch tv, but if i do, it's south park, supernatural, or the office.
- i also don't read. but i love art magazines and spend hours in the bookstore looking at them.

i'm pretty much a little person with a big heart, i have hardcore emo moments when i feel like i'm completely worthless and generic and a clone of all the other people at this school, but i like to think that even if that's true, i can go out of my way to help people and change a life or two, so my generic life will have some kind of purpose. i believe in the Christian God but i don't like to say i'm christian because of its judgmental implications... get to know me, I'm probably the most liberal christian you'll ever meet haha. what can I say, just another 18 year old trying to figure out her place in the world and what i want from myself and change the world all at the same time.

feel free to add! i shall add back as soon as possible! <3

thas me :3

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