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Hi, all.

I'm Brittany, and I'm 27 years old.  I'm from Kentucky.  My huge passion is music, but I am an animation/voice actor enthusiast on the side.  I love Phil Collins and Genesis and my journal is used mostly to write about them, or more or less, my adventures in a fandom that doesn't always get a lot of attention.  Both Phil and Genesis' music are some of my guilty pleasures.  I listen to their music all the time and have started a growing collection of DVDs, t-shirts, and other memorabilia.

I don't watch a whole lot of television, but I love VH1 Classic's music videos.  The 80s block is my favorite of all the blocks.  I love 80s music and never get tired of listening to it or watching the videos.  I also enjoy the Genesis documentaries that air on the channel often.  As for other television, I like Jimmy Neutron and Planet Sheen.  I sometimes watch Boomerang for some old-school cartoons.

I love the Nicholas Sparks books.  I've only read about one or two of them and look forward to catching up with the series and reading the rest of the books.

If Phil or Genesis or animation interest you and you are looking for a few more friends to add to your LJ, please comment on this entry if you would like to be added to my journal.

It's nice to meet everyone here. :)


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