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I are nerd hear me ROAR!

 Hello there all!

I affectionally call myself by the above subject line, or the shorter i are nerd, but my real name's Roselynn (or Rose/ie for short, I'm not picky). Um, what else to add?

I'm 19 and a college student, studying a double major of political science and psychology, though I may change my mind soon. I'm originally from New York, but I've grown up in Pennsylvania, with some months and such in Puerto Rico between. I've got two dogs (a german shep mix named Sexy and a cockerdoodle named Jay Jay) and a cat (Sammi), and I wouldn't mind at all filling my house with more animals, I love them. I'm a laid back kinda girl, who likes to be a shoulder to lean on for my friends (some call me a mama, cause I like to feed/lavish gifts on people), but I tend to say things before I think, and very often the things I say are smartass/caustic (I prefer to fight with my words) remarks. I tend to lean more towards the liberal kinds of things, but I live by the motto of live-and-let-live and am an activist for rights (gay, animal, etc).

I'm admittedly more of a lurker on LJ, despite having been on it for... 4 or so years now, I think? but would love to be more active on it. My main fandoms are Supernatural and Wrestling (it'd be more, but work and school have seen my TV viewing days almost gone lol). I am a HUGE wrestling (and Yankee) fan; not only WWE, but also TNA and ROH and just starting to get into other indy promotions. I am also a slasher. Growing up with 2 brothers, I've always been more into the 'tom boy'ish things, like wrestling/MMA and games (ZELDA GAMES) and superheroes (COMICS. LOVE THEM), ergo my 'i are nerd' status. I tend to get a little spastic when I meet someone with these same interests and geek out. Also huge fan of movies/music and almost always have a book in my face (Barnes&Noble and the public library are my fave places), and I'm a bit of history buff (centering mostly on ancient times and Europe).

I like to think I'm pretty cool and nice to hang around with, and am enthusiastic about a lot of different things, so feel free to leave a comment or add me! I'm always looking for new friends, male or female, any age. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask :).


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