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Meet Dash

I am dash, I am the only me (or I hope so for other peoples sanity) ... I am fun loving and insane (positive insane not creepy stalker insane).  I love writing, books, animals, music, movies, outdoors and arty/crafty stuff.  I am an animal scientist (dont worry I'm not into the whole testing on animals cruel stuff) who is doing honours in Cattle genetics. I love studying animals and learning about them.  No an animal scientist is not training to be a vet, in fact it is completely different.  Who knows where I'll end up but theres all sorts of job that it can lead to such as a nutritionalist (doing things like forming those special diets for dogs and cats), genetics, behaivour, animal anatomy and physiology, reproduction research, animal health or who knows what else :~D

My favorite authors are currently Isobelle Carmody, Diana Wynne Jones, JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Brian Jaques, Tamora Peirce, Maria V. Snyder and Victor Kelleher.  I love the fantasy genre, and am currently reading Son of a Which (the sequel to wicked).  I would have to say Wicked had me engrossed but it was interesting cos I wouldnt say I loved it nor did I hate it ... It was life changing though (for me).  I've read many books from the point of veiw of the "bad guy" but this was the first one which has really nmotivated me to look at things from both sides before judging, jumping to conclusions or arguing.  I am also hooked on the Tomorrow When the War Began series, although the Ellie Chronicals to follow were no where near as good.

I like all sorts of TV shows and Movies.  Disney is a big thing for me and always has been ... I like the original disneys better but some of the new stuff is pretty decent too.  I esspecially like romance and comedies when it comes to movies.  And with regard to tv I HAVE to watch Greys Anatomy, Bones, Good News Week (a weekly Australian comedy quiz show with famous people) and Law & Order: SVU.  I will watch most other crime shows and comedy.  I'm not really one for the soapies, and have weaned myself off Neighbours because although its addictive its really dodgy repetitive story lines.  I am also into anime, Howels Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro, Kikis delivering service, Ponyo, Please Teacher and Azu Manga Diaoh are a few of my favorites. 

And music wise I'll listen to anything pretty much.  Country, 50's and Classic are the ones I tend to favour but I do have a very open mind and will give anything a listen once.  I also can be found bying the soundtracks to most movies including disney ... esspecially disney!

My love of arty/crafty stuff involves scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, making things, drawing, beading, long stich and cross stich although I go through phases of each.  Currently its making things.  I am making a Medusa costume for my friends 21st.  I also enjoy writing, mostly poetry but I do come up with a lot of stories, however most end up as short snippets of writing usually descriptive.

Oh and I sometimes take to talking about myself in third person. :~D

Oh yeah how could I forget I also love ballroom dancing (been doing it over 2years now).  The place I dance teaches Waltz, Foxtort, Rhumba, Tango, Cha Cha, Viannesse Waltz, Samba and my all time favorite Jive!!! ... I really do believe I have been born in the wrong era ... Maybe 50s suits me better.  I love the dresses and its so me!

Thats about from me

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