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Add me, add me- saaaaaaaay thAt you'll adddddd me...

Hello All!!!!
    Okay, I'll be honest- I'm not that perky in the morning. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just not my cup of tea.

    I am Jokester: other known alias': Joker, Kester, Jester- or any other way you could perform a typo or shorten my name(lol.) 


My name is Jokester (for obvious reasons) but I answer to "Hey you!" and "You son of a _________!" just the same.

As of now, I am sitting at the dining room table listening to the sounds of Dora the Explorer excaping my living room. In addition to that gem, I have a four-year-old little girl sitting here talking my ear off, refusing to go watch the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Why do parents buy televisions? Why do parents pay cable or satellite television bills? Just as with Tootie Pops: The world may never know.

I love my kids- I hate other peoples'. Sometimes when I look at other people's kids I can truly understand why some parents drown their young. I know it sounds mean but its how I feel. I have informed all of my close friends and family that they are to never choose or appoint me as a Godparent (or whatever that shit is they do.) I will raise my own and after that I AM DONE! :)

As I'm sure you've observed I am brutally honest most of the time. The other small percentage of time I am swimming in my neverending stream of thoughts. My brain literally never stops.

I don't have too many friends as I don't work and have been out of highschool for quite some time now. I went to college for some time. Accumulated quite a bit of credits and also a great big helping of Debt with that. I still haven't decided what I want to do. Hence, the reason I have no degree yet. :/ It will all come together when it is time, I suppose.

Everything happens for a reason.

Or rather I hope it does. LOL Otherwise I am going to be quite the spectacle on Judgement Day. While on topic, I have no specified religion as I do not know anything about any of them that makes me proud to want to label myself part of their church or cult or what-have-you. LOL, sorry I had to.

My journal will be a little bit of this mixed with a dash of that. Follow if you wish but I will warn you; my writing can be as boring, awesome or obnoxious as YOU want it to be :). My journal will contain cute and cheery things as well as ugly and dark moments. Everyone has them- it's whether or not you think you can fly that distinguishes you from the other ones... Bottom line here is that I am not perfect and I will not sugarcoat shit here. Oh, and sometimes I cuss like a sailor. This would indicate some frustration usually. LoL.

Super, glad that is out of the way.

If you haven't yet noticed, I am procrastinating so badly right now. Therefore, you have been subjected to my constant rambling.

Some stuffs about me:

I love singing my favorite songs really loud when no one is home.

If you are a member of the animal race- I <3 you.

I have 4 dogs- 2 cats- and 3 kids running around here. (don't worry, I'm not one of those out-of-control animal hoarders like on T.V.)

I have been and always will be with the love of my life, 9 years and going strong.

I'm recovering from an addiction to all of the Call of Duty games on xbox360.

I've never read a Harry Potter book, but I am secretly getting curious as to what all the hype is about.

I have balls and strong opinions with some people. With others, whom I value their friendships more, I often take the roll as the one who cannot say no.

I was bi-polar before bi-polar was bi-polar LoL. I have been diagnosed with one of the bi-polar(or manic-depressive) conditions since the age of 5. 20 some-odd years later, and still no better- but still no worse! ;)I think my diagnoses' aren't exactly right...

I get up every morning and eat a few anti-depressants and mood stabilizers so that my family can withstand the wrath that comes about when I am off of them. One missed dose, and it's all over from there.

I always second guess everything. Everyone says I read too much into things lol.

I love art & reading(though I have a very short attention-span)All music is awesome.

I wish to one day become a published novelist at the least. New York Times Best Seller wouldn't be bad either ;)... If only I could sit myself down and start tossing my ideas onto the page...

My ideas and thoughts race so fast that my hands are no match for my brain. I can never keep up with my thoughts. SO sometimes if there is an aggregious typo or grammatical error- or even missing words in my sentences- I was racing lol...

I smoke A LOT of pot. BUT HEY, I AM A RESPONSIBLE DRUG USER! lol- just kidding- drugs are no joke kids.

I'm getting quite bored as I sit here typing all of this out lol.


There is no way I can fit myself into this one post so if there's something you are curious about or you want to make new friends- hit me up.

I'm here to write my stuff out as well as maybe form some new bonds. Only time will tell.

Until next time...




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