jamz (jamzsquared) wrote in add_me,

Hi Loves!

I'm jamz, soon-to-be 24 years old (on Friday!), and currently living in southern California.  I am, however, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, and I suppose you can say that I've definitely "left my heart in San Francisco"... even though it's really damn corny.

I am unabashedly nerdy, obsessed with fashion and period dramas, and a voracious reader. I am also an underpaid/overworked graduate student in sociology who is currently slaving away on a master's thesis. I often flail over (1) the challenges and pitfalls of research and/or (2) the awesome progress that I am making, and the cool intellectual discoveries that I have stumbled upon.

I like, in no particular order, the following: music, fountain pens, video games and comic books (Bioware owns my soul, methinks, and the X-men are amaaaaazing), cooking fancy meals for myself, sunbathing on my deck, shoes, cocktails with my nearest and dearest, cats, dark chocolate and red wine, anything purple, historical fiction, fantasy novels, and things that sparkle. Did I also mention that I like shoes? ;)

I am known to abuse parenthetical asides (but really, I have so many tangential ideas that it is difficult to keep them to myself), cry at the simplest things (Sunsets. Disney films. Fuzzy kittens. The title credits of Ever After), drive too fast, and listen to my music too loud.

Speaking of music, I am currently obsessed with Beach House and Florence + The Machine, but my ipod is filled with everything from classical music (anything by Bach or Rachmaninoff is a favorite of mine), jazz, showtunes and movie soundtracks to terrible 90s boy bands, slow jams and R&B, glitchy electronic music, classic rock, and more.  I am a sponge for new music, and basically will listen to anything that my friends throw my way.

I use my LJ to blab about my day-to-day life (the trials and tribulations of grad school are heavily featured), and while I try to limit the number of invective-filled rants and emo sob-sessions, my self-control gets away from me at times. I do, however, attempt to employ LJ-cuts whenever possible. I also post my forays into fiction-writing to my journal, and discuss my writerly inspirations, challenges, and ideas. I love reviews and constructive criticism, so if you feel moved to offer either, I would be incredibly grateful.

I lament the limited scope that the 'about me' blurb offers, so if you're curious about anything, just ask!

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