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I can has friends?

Hello, everybody!  My name is Jackie, I'm 21, female, and I'm from the US.  I'm studying music performance, with a concentration in voice.  I'm a budding coloratura soprano, and someday I hope to sing for a big opera company, such as the Met or the Chicago Lyric, or somewhere more realistic...yeah!  I played flute for almost 10 years, including my first year and a half of college, before I switched my major to voice. 

I spent last semester in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, so I'm a little bit obsessed with Brazilian culture.  I speak some Portuguese, and while I don't exactly consider myself fluent, I was certainly able to find my way around.  I promise that I don't write in Portuguese in my journal--all English there. :)  But my username means "little starfruit."  I'm definitely getting into samba, axé, música popular brasileira, and even some bossa nova.  I'm not overly familiar with the genres or the artists yet, but I'm learning every day, and learning the lyrics to the songs is certainly helping me hang onto the language.

I like to cook when I have the time/energy/ingredients, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with ripping open a box of Wacky Mac macaroni and cheese in a moment of weakness.  I felt for a long time that I was too skinny, but Brazil helped change that, thanks to its cheesy bread, beans and rice, meat with every meal, and otherwise general deliciousness.  And I gained ten pounds.  It mostly went to my butt.

Other than my music classes, I'm in an archaeology/early humans and civilizations class and a beginning art class.  I love both of these classes, and will probably squee about the first one, and post pictures from the second one.

My journal doesn't have many entries yet.  I'm not new to LJ--I had another account a while back--but this journal is new, and therefore only has a few entries.  I don't have anything against the Writers Block, and that's all I've basically been doing so far.  But I do plan on updating every other day or so.  For a while it might just be the Writers Block, since I'm bad at keeping a journal without having some sort of direction, so if you add me, bear with me!

Okay, I hope that gives you some idea of who I am.  If you add me, I'll add you back!

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