alpha_helixx (alpha_helixx) wrote in add_me,

Instead of doing something more productive...

Ahoy, ahoy!  I am alpha_helixx, or any non-insulting variant you can come up with.  I saw that this community was spotlit and thought "Hey, why not?"  I like adding people.  I like it when people add me.  So, let's get to it.

I'm a senior in college (sort of...we're crazy hippies who reject many traditional educational norms, it's complicated) working on a huge thesis on beer spoilage organisms that actually makes me pretty miserable.  Oh well.  I'm stuck now, and hopefully it will be over soon. Brewing is something I'm very into.  I've worked as a low level quality assurance underling at a brewery before, and I might get back into that after graduation.  I have no idea, though.  I'm pretty sick of science at this point.

In my real life, I'm a nerd of many different flavors.  I'm into anime, sci-fi and fantasy, some video games, and (oh yeah...) costuming.  Espeically the costuming.  These days it seems like all I do is sew and do lab work and sleep.  My first love is historical costuming (most espeically late 1880s - 90s), though I'm starting to get into cosplay and occasionally making normal clothes.  I go to a few sci-fi and anime cons a year, and I'm kind of developing a reputation as the crazy person who has 5 huge dresses for one weekend.

In my journal you will find...

-Ramblings about my assorted pet projects including photos, designs, and brainstorming
-Rants about my thesis.  I will be honest, I can get whiny about this.
-Laundry lists of what productive things I did for the day, helps with the motivation when I record what I've accomplished

Any adds are loved, but I will especially love ones from people who...

-Like nerdy things
-Do fun crafts
-Like pretty things
-Attend east coast sci-fi and anime cons, or would like to.

Ok.  That's enough talking about myself.  Enjoy :)

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