World's Oldest Man (baldowl) wrote in add_me,
World's Oldest Man

King Princess, Seeking Whom He May Devour

(Can't do right, won't act right, can't help himself, etc.)

I am almost 40, judgmental, surly, and too, too fun!
I’m divorced and looking to stay that way.
I live in Orlando, Florida, and I HATE it here.
I work for Potato.
I drink a lot of beer and monkey wine.
I've been writing on LiveJournal for nearly ten years now. I took some time off (24-35 months LOL) from February 2004 to May 2006. I call that time my "sabbatical."
I recently discovered that I am a devout Satanist. Who knew? LOLOL
I am a moderate conservative, but I never discuss politics. Politics is the new religion, and it’s not something I discuss in company. If you’re overly political, pass on by.
I am addicted to music. Addiction is not too strong a word. I like electronic and industrial music, as well as good pop music. I even like good country music, but there’s so little of it.
I post Blingees. I also draw terrible pictures in MS Paint and post them. I often post about my adventures as an internet troll.
I am kinder than I like to admit.
I used to have my very own hobo, but it died. I might have trolled it to death, but I've never been questioned about that.
I have a pretty tight group of LiveJournal friends, but we need some new blood.

Hard limits include but are not limited to: shouting, hip-hop and noise in general; tattoos; The Eagles; procrastinators; jazz; Adam Sandler and little voices; musicals and popular dancing; and cigarette smoke.

Answer these questions:
Do you often brag to people about how weird you are?
Are you younger than 30?
Are you a sports fan?
Do you share a lot of fan fiction?
Are you crazy about cats?
Do you love “Doctor Who?”
Are you really into anime?
Do you use the word random a lot?

If you’ve answered No to all of these questions and you’re able to write in complete sentences (with mostly proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation), please add me. I've been reading the entries in this community, and I wouldn't add any of these people if my life depended on it. Can I get a witness?

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