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ambivalent musician

the title will be left blank for a lack of interesting things to write up here.

Hi. (: I'm Kelly (though most people call me Kellie / Kura, for some odd reason) from Singapore. I'm young (just turned 16 today, actually!) and I can speak... three? languages. Mainly English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. I'm Hokkien by birth but the only dialect I can speak is Cantonese.

Let's see. I love to write and translate (masqueradelie) though I'm not really good at either. Currently I'm in a mentorship programme for writing. I hold a keen interest in Science too, and so far I have participated in the Science Mentorship Programme (SMP) and am participating in both the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) and Biology Olympiad.

Oh, and I love frogs. That's actually my research project. :D

Other than that, I love music. I play primarily the piano, violin and double bass, though I can hold my ground in a little viola and cello. I'm taking my grade 8 in piano in two days and my violin grade 7 next month. To me, a life without music is not one worth living. I listen to a wide range of music, though they are mostly Japanese (Alice Nine, flumpool, GARNET CROW, SID...) and classical (Camille Saint-Saens! <3), though on occasion I listen to bands like the Cardigans and mono and maybe even Glee.

I'm a book addict and I really really love Harry Potter - I started reading the series since I was four and have been reading it ever since. Harry Potter makes up a large portion of my childhood heh (: However, I'm pretty much anti-Twilight, so if you are a Twilight stan we'd best not touch on the matters of books at all. A favourite author of mine would be Haruki Murakami :D

Just wanted to add: I'm not religious, and never will be, though I lean towards Buddhist/Taoist beliefs (Hey, I'm Chinese after all). So yeah. (: Whatever religion you are doesn't bother me. It's interesting to see and understand the different religions and beliefs anyway!

Uh. Other than that, I'm pretty much a boring person ._. Nice to meet you all~

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