Joanna Tova Price (whataspacecase) wrote in add_me,
Joanna Tova Price

add me :)

Gosh, what to say? I dream big. I love people and conversation. I love to think about information science, libraries, the future role of libraries, and the fate of humanity. I love reading, computers, crafts, breezy 70's weather, travel, coffee, poetry, superheroes, daydreaming, retro gaming, PC adventure games, Tarot cards, real life adventures (but not the outdoor kind), Sunday afternoons, candid moments, lonely photographs, secrets,  the pursuit of truth, board games, movies, comics, creative writing (short stories and poetry),  l33t, independent media, and trying new things with people I trust. I enjoy dark, sarcastic and geek humor. I am Jewish, outgoing, outspoken, flashy, generous, spacey, and a major geek.

I am currently pursuing a masters degree in library science at the School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I work in IT part time for some income on the side.

I love meeting new people! <3

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