Sanna (mirmei) wrote in add_me,

Hi all!

I’m Sanna and I live in Finland. I’m 17 but I’ll turn 18 this spring. My life is pretty hectic at the moment but I’ll try my best to post to my journal at least once a week :-)

Some random facts about me:

  •  I’m very laid back and I hate stress above everything. I need to study a lot and the workload has occupied much of my free time but I’d rather lie on my sofa, drink coffee and listen to music. I think it’s a bit ironic that most of my friends have stressful personalities and tend to fret over the smallest things (while I don’t really care about anything) and they all seem to appreciate my calming aura… or something. But when I start to stress my first coping method is to weep like a baby… and it works :-D
  •  I love all kinds of challenges. I always come up with something to do and I’m open to experimenting new things. At the moment my biggest challenge is doing a project 365. I also post the photos to my journal. Other things I’ve tried include watching 100 movies in a year, reading 100 books in a year and a year long candy-ban :-) The only thing so far that I haven’t succeeded in is quitting smoking for good. I always stray at some point.
  •  I play the piano and sing in the school choir.
  •  I exercise a lot and I’m currently cutting on the amount of carbs I eat per day.
  •  I’m easy to get along with but I think that recognizing the people I won’t get along with is like my sixth sense. It has never been wrong so far and even if I tried to befriend the person at first I always end up disliking them in the end. Saves me from unnecessary squabbles because I’m very straightforward and some people don’t appreciate that.
  • I'm seriously considering majoring in psychology after school.
  •   I love video games! Games have always been close to my heart but not many know that. Every Saturday morning from Christmas onwards has been dedicated to Final Fantasy XIII, because I don’t have much time during the week.
  •  I listen to all kinds of music, except for death metal or some other branches of metal which really aren’t my cup of tea. I love Bloc Party, Tricky, Martina Topley-Bird, The Kills, miaou and many more :-) My fave genres are trip hop and post-rock.
  •  Most of the time I think rationally and it’s a shame that not all do. Just saying.

I think it’d be interesting to read all kinds of journals. I don’t mind drama :-) Hope to hear from some of you guys!


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