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My name is Merch and as I have added a few people here I figured I should share a bit about myself and maybe see If I can meet some more people.

I have been on live journal for years at least seven at my last estimation. I am not really sure what to write here to make myself sound interesting.

I have recently rejoined the work force after several years as a stay at home mom of two. So right now my journal is strange things that happen to me in the middle of retail hell. Also I tend to talk about my kids a lot.

Authors: Charles De Lint, Jim Butcher, J.D. Ward, Juliet Blackwell, Yukio Mishima. I love to read and will admit to a secret hidden love to Bodice Rippers. I can't help it. My mother read Nora Roberts so I think it is in my genes.

Movies: I am a movie freak and I love all kinds. I tend to shy away from chick flicks though I love a good drama. My husband got me a subscription to Netflixs So I am a bit in the middle of a movie over load.

T.V. I love all things forensics and cop shows. I also love a healthy helping of supernatural. Though I don't like the "trendy" shows, though I do my best not to bash them. Though sometimes I slip. I don't watch reality shows because they tend to make me hate life. Oh And I watch a lot of Japanese Television of the spandex kind. I love Kamem Rider, Setai Rangers, Ultra-Man, Iron King, Basicly anything where a group of people run off and fight crime. I also love old school anime and manga. I also enjoy some new horror manag and anime too.

Hobbies- I crochet and I am teaching myself to knit. I do write, but you won't see that. I lve Fandom and fan girl some.

I am pagan, but with going back to work and keeping up with my house and my family unfortuately a lot of my practice has fallen to the side. I hope to find that balance, because I am only truly happy when my spiritual side has a chance to grow.

I think that is it, if you want to add me feel free. I love new people and would love to get to know you. Anything else just feel free to ask.

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