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Bla Bla Bla

I was a member here a long while ago and thought I would rejoin and discovered that this place is a featured community. Surprise!

The rundown:

30 year old (nearly) gender confused unpublished author who dabbles in drawing from time to time. I work for a book company and a doctors office in my free time.

I am a crazy cat person in training finding over the years that I do better alone, and don't deal with loss very well at all.

I tend to be morbid and melancholic one day, and hearts, unicorns and rainbows the next depending on how the sunrise strikes me.

Music (The Decemberists, Dead Man's Bones, Bjork, etc) has always been my life's blood, while books (The Dresden Files, Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, etc) have been my bones. I love animals and spend a great deal of time with animal encyclopedias in my lap reading about giant tapirs and golden lion tamarins for fun.

I'm a vegetarian, I ride my bike a lot, I've run into a lake filled with alligators to free an egret from fishing line.

Most of the time I read LJ from my phone so I will always friend back it just might take a day or two because LJ for Blackberry is pretty crappy.

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