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Let's Be Friends? :)

Greetings everyone! :) My name's Nora :D
I'm new to LJ and looking for new friends. It's kinda lonely writing stuffs without human contact/response :P So yeah, here I am!

About me:
`I love my boyfriend. 
`I love staying home.
`I admit, I'm kinda nerdy... :P
`I can't wait to leave high school! (104 days left!!!)
`I'm leaning into taking either psychology or law after high school!
`I'm so excited to get my car in a few months!
`I secretly want to learn how to belly dance. 
`I love reading. I have no favorite genre, I read anything and everything.
`I love to travel, one of my dreams is to visit Japan.
`Huge fan of anime!
`Foreign languages are interesting to me. I know French, Tagalog, Arabic, Japanese, and currently learning Spanish.
`Scared of cats and snakes!
... I guess that's most of it.

About my journal:
Hmm... There's not much to say. I post anything; movies I watched, my life, quotes and graphics... I guess that's basically most of it. As I said, I'm still new so... =)

Feel free to add me, comment and introduce yourself :)
Cheers! x

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